Why did I choose the path of photography?

 Because of Beauty

   I had a revelation! Finally understood who am I! It is called AESTHETE. Maybe you know this word as I do, but you didn't notice the real meaning of this beautiful word. Aesthete is someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature. Yes! I am such a person. When walking outside, meeting new people, or visiting new places, there is always something to be noticed: like the sound of leaves floating and dancing in the air, a genuine laughter of a little kid at a wedding ceremony or an old Villa near lake Como from Italy. In these moments I feel a necesity to capture it and the best way to do it is to use a camera.

Because I like to Travel 

Who does not like it? Almost everybody wants to travel the world, but there is a diference between desire and acctualy doing it. For me, photography and travel is the best fit. For example, if I have a wedding booked in Vienna , I may come a couple of days earlier and enjoy the architectural beauties of the city, visiting the Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere, Hofburg or maybe just, to buy the most delicious sweets from chocolate stores.


When looking to the changes that are happening to the people that I photograph, I feel gratitude for making them feel better than before. To watch them smiling, laughing, discovering the new self and just pick that little moments in photographs.

Let's be Creative!

I thank you God for giving us the ability to CREATE!!! To express feelings through music, painting, architecture, design and in many more other ways. For me, I chose to be Creative through photography, to play with light, colors, emotions, different locations , models, outfits and backgrouns. There is no end on how much I can create, this is really amazing!


Isn't it perfect when you choose what kind of photos want to do?! Or even better, I can choose different genres so I could never get bored.. One day I can photograph a wedding and two days later to do a Fashion Photography project. I am free on choosing when to work and when to hang out with my friends, when to sleep and when just staring all night at the stars. Sometimes it goes messy, but I have freedom and I won't let it go from me!

If you feel that my story resonates with you, then feel free to cantact me and let me to capture your unique story!